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The bleak winter landscape of small town New Hampshire provides the setting for Nathan Graziano's brilliant chronicle of working class life. Frostbite connects such unlikely characters as a hirsute librarian, a testosterone-addled dwarf with an air guitar problem, a professional convenience store clerk with punk rock aspirations and the vicarious victim of a devastating moose accident (to name a few) in their attempts to transcend the monotony of their menial existances-- only to find themselves bound by the natural elements and their own demons.

With compassion and humor, Graziano unflinchingly details his characters' struggles toward creative inspiration, redemption and love.

Reviews of Frostbite

"Graziano's talent is evidenced in a featherweight pen and a gift for writing dialogue that rings perfectly true (loudly and often)."


"Mr. Graziano's writing is sure and clear. He's great on how people talk, how their attitudes and moods shift, how men and women can't get along or go along.

--The Iconoclast

"Graziano takes the familiar faces, the people we sometimes forget to like, and makes them sympathetic again in the way only good writing can."


"Graziano paints his characters in minute detail and each story gives a close up of relationships and disillusionment. Each intimate slice of working class life brings the characters alive as we see them in some of their most vulnerable moments, with an occasional dark shadow of humor. Frostbite reminds us how human we all are."


"...gritty, funny, and a little bit outrageous, much like life in a failing motel near Lincoln or a seedy, off-campus apartment for 20-somethings..."            

--The Concord Monitor

"It has taken time for Generation X writers to define themselves, to (sometimes) shrug off the slacker label and to come into their own on the literary scene. Luckily, Generation X writers like Nathan Graziano are coming into their own and receiving deserved attention."

--Daniel Crocker, author of "The Cornstalk Man"


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