Not So Profound
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Not So Profound: New and selected poems

by Nathan Graziano

Nathan Graziano's poetry has been described by Hippo Press in Manchester, New Hampshire as "an insightful peek into the vacuum-sealed lid of personal relationships."

Not So Profound chronicles the life of a young writer using narrative poems that introduces the reader to cast of ecclectic characters, a young speaker caught in numerous strange and hysterical predicaments, and a sentient satirical voice guaranteed to entertain. Described by the Lummox Journal as "blue-collar existentialism", Graziano's verse cuts right to the core of the human condition with refreshing candor.

(cover photo and design by Ian Griffin)


Reviews of Not So Profound

"His weapon is humor and it is one he wields with deadly efficiency, but he does write laugh out loud "funny poems." His poetry incorporates humor that mixes with an almost pathos-like feeling that gives it a sense of realness..."

--Bathtub Gin

"...Graziano's conversational tone allows him to prick the pretensions of so much poetry."

--Main Street Rag

"Work that depicts everyday concerns and simple pleasures; human frailties exposed with irony and forgiveness.  Men and women, alone and together, alternating the roles of realist and romantic; of having too much time and never enough money. There's humor and sadness and bewilderment at a world that knows both its tricks and ours."

--The Iconoclast

"Not So Profound is a true to life vision of what it's like in personal relationships and living with yourself. It is sharp, funny, and hard at the same time. It is a book that everyone identifies with, yet still can wake you up and shove you back into living."

--Controlled Burn

"Graziano is a rare poet. He can be unbelievably witty at times, but also be unbelievably caring and touching, without being trite in either case. Good humor is hard to come by.  But, good profundity is even more rare. Despite the title, Graziano can be extremely profound at times."