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 All three chapbooks are currently out of print, but there are a few copies available at


This is a chapbook written while I was living in Las Vegas. It's about love, loss, addiction and everything else that Sin City embodies. I was 24 at the time and still believed in all the terrible and wonderful things that you can believe when you're 24. Here are some review blurbs:

"Graziano is an intelligent man; he knows his stuff (Beowulf to Bukowski) well enough to plant little gems in the mud."
--The Synergyst

"In Graziano's bloodshot universe, objects and nuances live a life of their own, not merely props or casual incidentals, but living and breathing entities that always seem to serve one purpose or another."

Seasons From The Second Floor was written while living in a dilapidated scumhole in Concord, NH. In a fire stoked by an ornery landlord, a manic ex-girlfriend, redneck neighbors, and late nights at the kitchen table alone, the poems in "Seasons" found a voice. Again, some reviews.

"Trying to create art out of blue-collar existentialism is a difficult thing, and few have mastered it-- other than Bukowski, John Fante, Raymond Carver and a few others. But in "Seasons From The Second Floor," Graziano's third collection, we see a young poet moving into the front rows, and bringing with him a rare and welcome talent."
--The Lummox Journal

"The great strength in all of these poems is to watch the poet correctly use poetic devices as probes-- to show a real world...The tone of each poem is nuanced and, throughout, Graziano displays an accomplished, maturing voice."


A chapbook of short fiction, Labor Day follows on the heels of his first full-length collection Frostbite, bringing together a cast of blue-collar characters that include an afflicted smalltown journalist, an overweight former-gun seller with a penchant for pillows, and a record store nerd with unremitting urges for bad behavior.  It is perhaps my funniest and darkest work to date. Published by Bottle of Smoke Press (  had a limited-edition run of 200 copies. It has sold out.