Honey, I'm Home
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Honey, I'm Home

by Nathan Graziano

In Honey, I’m Home, Nathan Graziano gives readers an unflinching look into the mercurial worlds of marriage, parenthood, and vice.  With an intrepid poetic pen, Graziano introduces a motley cast of characters, from alcoholic neighbors to sages at the Home Depot.  At times his poetry will sojourn into the surreal---sharing coffee with Depression and receiving visits from the ghosts of ex-girlfriends---but mostly, Graziano’s bold, unostentatious verse digs its heels into reality and doesn’t turn away from an often unsettling truth.  From the birth of his first child through his first year of marriage, Graziano chronicles the human condition with a discerning poetic eye.  Honest, compassionate, eclectic and often funny, Honey, I’m Home is Nathan Graziano’s most accomplished collection of poetry to date.

cover art by David M. Woodson

56 pages, sunnyoutside

ISBN: 0-9769857-0-5

Purchase at: SOLD OUT


"Honey, I'm Home is one of the best chapbooks I've ever read." 

---Charles Nevsimal, Publisher of Centennial Press

"I cannot say enough about the production, but really the poetry makes it worthwhile (Who picks up a chap for nice layout? Just me). Graziano's poetry is honest, observational, and (very often) amusing. Poems like 'Ambiguity' made me laugh out loud, as Graziano tries to explain pregnancy to his step-daughter. ... An impressive collection."

---Blind Man's Rainbow

"Graziano paints a path into real life.  He draws out of us the secrets we bury deep, the feelings we never share."

---Controlled Burn

The Portland Phoenix


The Hippo Press (Manchester and Nashua)


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