Hangover Breakfasts
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Hangover Breakfasts

Hangover Breakfasts, a series of short prose pieces, follows four friends living a summer rental house on New Hampshire's Lake Winona the year after finishing college. While enduring a brutal winter, the roommates struggle to define with their adult identities as they attempt to soothe their cabin fever with drugs, alcohol and an impetuous cross-country trip through the United States. 

The cover is printed letterpress in four colors on Fabriano Tiziano paper. The text is set in Garamond and printed digitally on 70 lb. text weight paper.


The chapbook is 36 pages, published in an edition of 126 copies; 100 sewn in wraps ($8) & 26 lettered hardcover copies signed by the author.


To order, visit The Bottle of Smoke website at www.bospress.net.  


Sample these pieces from Hangover Breakfasts:


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